Third party engineering consulting

Purposes and Benefits 


Energy-saving projects, especially EMC projects, involve complex process and a lot of counterparties. Our experienced professional team provides our customers with services for the entire process of the energy-saving project, so as for customers to minimize risk, reduce cost, fully enhance the efficiency.


scope of services



With our professional experiences and using professional EMC management software tools, we provide third party services to our customers during the entire project process. Our services include mechanism design, project planning, deal structure arrangement, project financing, supplier selection, contract evaluation, project schedule management, project acceptance and energy saving validation, legal consultation, etc.

Specifically, we provide the following services in different stages of the project:


•  Stage 1: With demands but no ideas

   •  The pre-feasibility study and budget analysis of the project construction

   •  Customized technical training and management training

   •  The Group energy saving overall planning and consulting services

•  Stage 2: With ideas and no steps

   •  Determine the enterprise energy saving route map

   •  Formulate specific energy-saving process planning

   •  Assist to gradually implement project prerequisites

•  Stage 3: Project deployment

   •  Energy-saving audit planning and scheme, analysis of input-output

   •  Define the business model, and deal structure design

   •  Professional software assessment, the startup risk control and process tracking management

•  Stage 4: Project signed

   •  Assist the enterprises in energy-saving service provider selection

   •  Energy-saving project investment & financing services, Contract Law Review

   •  Using professional software in terms of Financial Advisory Review

•  Stage 5: Implementation and acceptance

   •  Supervision of specific energy-saving projects

   •  Assessment and verification of the energy-saving effect

•  Stage 6: Subsequent improvement

   •  Enterprise energy management change consulting, regular performance report issued

   •  To provide sustainable transformation analysis report

   •  Energy-saving assets capitalized

•  Others

   •  State and local fiscal tax subsidies

   •  Energy-saving projects publicity

   •  Related legal services





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