About us

Brief Introduction 


Raising Investment Consulting Company is a leading low-carbon consulting firm, dedicated in energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction area, and provides professional services for the emerging market of energy saving industry in China .

With in-depth understanding of the energy service sector and substantial first-hand experience, we have in-depth and exceptional insights of the energy saving service market in China , and help our clients develop wide vision, control the risks and achieve the quality and efficiency of commercial decision.


Our Mission


      Make Green Achievable!



Our Core Services



l   Energy Efficiency investment and funding consulting services

l   Energy Consultant, including:

      •  Technical service outsourcing,

      •  Third party energy saving project services

l   Raising Energy Efficiency Institute

l   Energy Efficiency industry consulting


Our Features & Strengths


l  Focusing on energy efficiency market only, in-depth insights and oriented methodology;

l  Team with both technical professionals and industry experts;

l  Extensive resources of technical experts, financial institutions, legal professionals and energy enterprises;

l  Improve our services through interaction with clients on training and consulting.



Our Mangement Team


Our professional and management team comprises experts from various industries: :

l  Experts in energy saving industry with both technical knowledge and knowledge on business model of the industry;

l  Professionals familiar with high energy consumption industry;

l  Experienced consultants on investment and financing;

l  Certified professionals: CEM, CMVP, CFA, CPA, Lawyer, etc.



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