Energy Efficiency Investment & Funding Consulting Services

Energy saving industry investment and financing challenges 

Funding has become the primary challenge for energy saving industry. According to statistics, 80% of the projects were suspended or abandoned due to lack of funding; 72% of the energy management projects were funded by the energy saving service providers' own capital because external funding was not available, which is unable to support the long-term operation of the project.

l   Energy consuming companies are unwilling to provide funding. Energy consuming enterprises intend to invest in projects of high and certain profit, such as manufacturing capacity expansion, resource reserve and merger and acquisition, and energy saving industry is a less focused industry for investment;

l   Energy saving service companies cannot meet necessary capital needs with their own funding. For energy saving service companies, capital turnover is the basis to make profit continuously. Using own capital to fund the project will make the energy saving projects less profitable than sales of traditional products since the capital is stuck in the projects. In addition, energy saving service companies are usually light assets companies, earnings primarily come from energy saving effects, and therefore it is hard for financial institutions to provide effective funding;

l   Financial institutions or investors can not find good projects. On the one hand, financial institutions do not have the ability to evaluate a energy saving project. On the other hand, financing for energy saving project is different from traditional project finance.


Investment features and advantages



Raising investment team focuses on the area of clean technology and energy saving, and assists its clients with:

l   Development and funding in energy saving projects, investment planning and operation schemes, evaluation of project earnings and cash flow;

l   Estimation of project risks, diversifying and minimizing risks through appropriate technology and financing arrangements;

l   Increasing financing sources and capital leverage ratio through appropriate deal structures;

l   Making effective use of existing energy saving assets and optimizing assets management.


Major investment and financing business

l  Project financing services for energy performance contracting projects;

l  Equity financing consulting services(FA) for energy saving companies(ESCOs);

l  Carbon trade consulting services.


Financing sources

Our financing sources include:

Financial lease, Green credit, Government loan, Low-carbon fund, VC/PE, Trust, etc.



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