Technical Service Outsourcing

Energy Efficiency industry technical challenges 


Successful energy-saving project relies on solid energy-saving technologies. On the one hand, it needs to ensure safe and trouble-free operation and be in line with the energy consuming company's industrial application norm; on the other hand, it needs to effectively help customers save energy costs.

However, to the majority of energy saving service companies, technology is a formidable challenge, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

•  Experienced technical personnel are limited and it is difficult for medium-sized and small enterprises to attract these experienced technical personnel;

•  Recruitment costs are high. Experienced technical personnel are limited and annual remuneration for reliable technical personnel for contracted energy management projects is at least RMB400,000 per person ;

•  It is difficult to retain outstanding technical staff. Energy saving projects usually need long turnover period and are difficult to turn profitable, which will make less effective use of the technical staff and make them not feel achieved;

•  It is difficult to set up and maintain a comprehensive technical support system. The same technical support team have to deal with different types of clients.




RAISING technical services



According to clients' demand, we deal with the energy consuming enterprises and provide necessary technical support and services corresponding to different stages of the project.


1. Technical services, including:

   •  Evaluation phase

      •  Preliminary on-site investigation

      •  Energy-saving potential evaluation

      •  Energy diagnostic reports

   •  Project design phase

      •  Substantive on-site survey

      •  Technical scheme design

      •  Technical and economic analysis

   •  Execution phase

      •  Scheme design review and evaluation

      •  Equipment energy saving testing

      •  Project management services

   •  Service phase

      •  Testing and verification of energy savings

      •  Energy Management System

      •  Energy data analysis


2.  Ancillary services, including:

   •  review and negotiation of contracts of the contracted energy management;

   •  Project finance services (please see Investment and Funding Consulting Services for detailed information).



Features and Advantages


•  High starting point: Energy saving service companies can conduct business development with our technical services support and present a professional image to clients;

•  With our established professional operating procedures, energy saving companies are able to start providing energy saving services that are effective for clients within a relatively short period of time;

•  Low cost: With our technical services, energy saving service companies don't have to hire their own technical staff, legal professionals and other professionals, who are usually highly paid, and don't have to consider the employee's time utilization rate, which can save the energy saving service companies administrative expenses and turn fixed cost to variable cost.

•  Cross industry: We provide clients with effective technical solutions for various industries and various energy consuming companies, covering all technical areas relating to energy conservation projects;

Long-term stability: with long-term stable cooperation with professional consulting firms, energy saving service companies can avoid huge losses incurred by loss of technical staff.



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